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Expert-Led Workshops

Designed by our world renowned experts, tailored around your personal and career development!


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Skills Enhancing Workshops!

Workshops are one of the most popular features at the event (and often sell out!) as they’re practical, hands-on, and dive deep into soft and tech topics. Workshops are not just a great way to learn, but an opportunity to network with other attendees! You can only secure workshops with a Premium ticket.


Deep Dive Format

The intimate workshop rooms provide focused and distraction-free learning, allowing you to delve deeply into soft and technical topics.

Immediate Application

When you engage in hands-on activities, you learn better and bring immediate value to your role and organization.

Interactive Learning

Gain a fresh perspective in a practical learning environment and return to the workplace prepared to take on your personal and professional challenges. Our interactive workshops cater to all learning styles to boost your skills.


The intimate setting fosters networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with both experts and peers in the industry.

Join us on September 17 - 18, 2024!