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Women in Tech Texas returns for another extraordinary year, uniting a community of over 1000+ women and underrepresented technologists!

Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and connected like never before as we come together to drive change and amplify the voices of those forging the path ahead through our new theme, Digital X Human; an exploration into the convergence of tech and human potential to create a sustainable and inclusive future for us all.

Join us on May 6 – 7, 2024, for a celebration of empowerment, diversity, and excellence and your gateway to growth, networking, and the industry’s limitless possibilities.

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What To Expect

Boost industry knowledge

From the super technical and hands-on, to business, strategic and team management topics, enhance your skill-set and future proof your career through presentations, keynotes and workshops tailored to the unique challenges in the tech industry.

Skills Development

Procrastinating about that career move? Know you can get that promotion but don't know how to? Women of Silicon Valley can help to make it happen through our Career Advice Hub, workshops to enhance your career, and structured networking to find mentors.

Build Your Network

We often talk about the transformative power of in-person; well this is the place to meet fellow women in tech and allies to brainstorm ideas, discover role models, find mentorship opportunities, and engage in discussions focused on your current challenges.

Be Inspired

No vanilla talks. No 'I've heard it all before'. Our agenda is curated to bring you the hottest topics, sparking 'ah ha!' lightbulb moments led by personal journeys of growth and adaptation. Real inspiration. Real stories by truly incredible people.

2024 Stages

Tech X Strategy

The Tech X Strategy track is all about the practical, hands-on use of tech alongside the long-term bigger picture. Expect to learn from case studies how to strategically and ethically leverage advanced tech to augment key business priorities and strategies in the race to automation.

People X Leadership

The People X Leadership track focuses on the human side of business now and in the future. Here, we'll highlight workforce strategies, share insightful and inspirational stories to encourage you to show up authentically, and provide a platform for the leaders who inspire the next generation. We will celebrate the resilience and people skills within us that helps us grow within our role and our organization.

2023 Industry Leading Speakers included:

Gwynne Shotwell

President & COO


Dr. Virnitia Dixon

US Chief Diversity Officer

Santander Consumer USA

Rinki Sethi

Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer


Ann Michele Bowlin

Global Chief Information Officer

Norton Rose Fulbright

Shin-Wen Kuo

High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Katherine Tuluzova

Executive Vice President

Sigma Software

Alicia Jimenez

Business Technology Platform Global Head Senior Vice President

SAP Success Delivery Center

Krista Satterthwaite

Mainstream Compute Senior Vice President & General Manager

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Kelly O’Hara

Senior Vice President Technology Managed Services


Anu Krishnan

Data & Analytics Head of Information

Shell Information and Digital Technology

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What your peers say about Women in Tech Texas

Testimonial from Marketing Director

An experience that gonna change my life and ameliorate my career.

Marketing Director

Enpak Social

Testimonial from PMO Analyst

Amazing excited to attend next year.

PMO Analyst


Testimonial from Senior Learning Solutions Architect

Inspiring and connecting!

Senior Learning Solutions Architect


Testimonial from Mid-Market Account Executive

A female led conference that offers a supportive, nurturing environment to network, learn, and leave feeling empowered.

Mid-Market Account Executive


Testimonial from Delivery Manager

My experience was enlightening due to being able to hear from so many different women in different job positions of different tech sectors.

Delivery Manager

Prudent Technologies & Consulting

Testimonial from Controller

It was very motivating to hear from so many career driven and successful women.



Testimonial from Resource Manager

Excellent opportunity to meet relatable peers, and it reminded me that there are many reasons to be inspired and proud to be a woman in tech.

Resource Manager

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