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Huma Hamid

Huma Hamid

Product Manager, Cisco
Huma Hamid is a dynamic and driven product, technology, and community leader, with a passion for building inclusive digital products, diverse high-performing teams, and thriving global communities to create an inclusive and sustainable future for all. As a learner experience product manager at Cisco's global learning and certification team, she thrives at the intersection of innovation, technology, learning, and skill development for millions of learners around the world.

Through her thought leadership, Huma aims to create pathways for those wanting to transform their careers in technology and unlock their highest potential for the future of work. Her dedication to inclusive and sustainable practices resonates through her work, as she continuously seeks to empower individuals from all backgrounds to thrive in the digital age. Huma is also the cofounder of the US based non-profit Pakistani Women in Computing, serves as a Women of Cisco Americas board member and an advisor to the US based non-profit Global Asia Women. Her community leadership work has been recognized by, wogrammer, Tech Talent South, Cisco and NUST.