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From Vision to Execution: Selling Your Story While Still Getting Things Done

18 Sep 2024
Premium Ticket Holders Only , Non-Technical

Have you ever found yourself needing to generate buzz and gather buy-in from cross-functional stakeholders while simultaneously executing on work? In this workshop we'll break down how to tell the story of why your team or project matters while still knocking things off the to-do list. By defining what you're working toward and building a network of trusted partners, you can make that vision a reality. 
The Why: Working toward a vision or ideal state can feel impossible, but it's totally achievable by recruiting the right partners, defining clear success metrics, and breaking down work into actionable steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to clearly define the vision for your project
  • How to build a network of partners who will support and champion your vision
  • How to break the vision down into actionable steps

This session is for...

  • You if you manage multi-layered projects or initiatives
  • You if you are establishing a team 
  • You if you need to sell an idea to leadership
Claire Waters, Senior Manager, Product Content Experience - Cloudflare
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