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Reframe to Regain Your Confidence as a Diverse Professional in Tech

17 Sep 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Career Development , Non-Technical

Have you ever said, “I’m not technical?” Have you ever apologized before asking a question? Is there something about your educational or professional background that makes you feel like an outsider in your technology role?  Join this session to learn tactical ways to reframe your perspective as a diverse professional in technology and regain your power in corporate spaces to build your brand and scale your impact.

The Why: Diversity of thought is proven to drive hard outcomes for businesses, but that value cannot be realized until we are all able to acknowledge and embrace the value of non-traditional backgrounds.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify and reframe limiting beliefs
  • Where to find a consistent reserve of authentic confidence
  • Ways to communicate the value of your strengths in the ever-changing technology landscape

This session is for… you if you’ve ever described yourself as “non-technical” or felt the need to justify your position by putting a qualifier on your skills and experiences.

Stephanie Ormston, Assistant Vice President – Digital Services Integration - AT&T
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