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05 Jan 2024

Q&A with Michaela Jeffery-Morrison, Founder and Managing Director of Women in Tech World Series, Delinian

To celebrate the launch of Women in Tech DC, we sat down with Michaela Jeffery-Morrison, Women in Tech World Series to find out more about the Women in Tech World Series and what attendees can expect from the inaugural Women in Tech DC coming this May 15 - 16!

Read on to find out more...

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Michaela! To kick things off, it’d be great to hear more about the background to the Women in Tech World Series, and who it is for?

Thank you for hosting me! The Women in Tech World Series has one clear mission; to facilitate equality and progress for our global community of amazing women and people. Diversity is woven into the fabric of what we do and shines through in everything we create.

The series of events was started with big ambitions to change the status quo. I wanted to build a platform that would give women the tools not only to progress professionally but to take charge of their own futures and grow personally.  

Now, it's widely known that there's a disparity in male and female representation in the sector, but it was talked about much less back then. The Women in Tech World Series gives women and people the confidence, the contacts, and the skills to really excel in the tech world, and we do  this by combining great speakers who deliver unrivaled content with structured networking, mentoring opportunities and more.


What made you decide to bring Women in Tech to DC and the DMV metro area this year?

The Women in Tech World Series is now owned by Telecoms & Technology, a Delinian business. The Telecoms & Technology business is a market leading events business in the global technology and telecoms sector. Their strong industry connections, existing scale and experienced leadership team will provide the perfect platform to deliver our next phase of growth and a new USA Flagship launch.

This event will be co-located with the prestigious International Telecoms Week, attracting over 6,000 participants annually and taking place 14-17 May 2024.


Sounds like an incredibly exciting opportunity! What can attendees expect from Women in Tech DC?

This event will give our community the nostalgia from the events that came before with a splash of new. We are crafting this event to be our flagship that will bring together our communities across the different States. We’ll pack it full of fantastic content (as always!), we will provide master classes and skills workshops, we will create many opportunities for networking, and put the most inspirational speakers in the world in front of you and connect you with other women from the global tech ecosystem.


Tell us a little bit about the theme for this year’s event, Digital X Human?

So this year our research pointed us in the direction of the convergence of technology and human intelligence. This has sparked a new era in human potential, where the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are rapidly dissolving. 

Collaborative intelligence is reshaping the way we live, work, and interact with the world. By embracing and integrating these advancements, we are unlocking new levels of human potential, creativity, and productivity. However, as we continue to push the boundaries of human experience, it is essential to consider the ethical implications and societal impact of these emerging technologies to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for all. 

Digital X Human will explore how the two forces are interacting and influencing each other, and how they can be leveraged to create a better future for all of us. Examining both the potential benefits, the potential risks of this convergence, and identifying new opportunities for innovation and growth.


What are you most looking forward to at Women in Tech DC?

We haven’t had the opportunity to launch a new event for a while so this is incredibly exciting to start building our platform from scratch and seeing our vision come to life!


Don’t miss your opportunity to join Women in Tech DC on May 15 - 16 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center! 

Find out more about the event here and purchase your ticket to join us here.