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05 Jan 2024

2024 Conference Theme: Digital X Human

The convergence of technology and human intelligence has sparked a new era in human potential, where the boundaries between digital and physical are rapidly dissolving. 

This dynamic fusion of technology and human capabilities is not merely a juxtaposition but a synergistic force that is reshaping the fabric of our existence. Collaborative intelligence is now a driving force behind the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. As we embrace and integrate these technological advancements, we find ourselves at the nexus of a revolution that unlocks hitherto unexplored levels of human potential, creativity, and productivity.

Exploring the Digital X Human dynamic

Digital X Human will serve as a guide through the intricate interplay between these two forces shedding light on how digital and human influences shape each other and centering the human experience behind the accelerated digital revolution witnessed in recent years driven by AI.


What to expect

Digital X Human (Keynote Stage)

The Digital X Human stage features forward-thinking keynotes by leading innovative minds who are sparking a new era of possibility when technology meets innovation driven by diversity, critical thinking, authenticity, and purpose.


Tech X Strategy (Seminar Stage)

The Tech X Strategy stage is focused on showcasing practical examples of how to strategically and ethically leverage advanced tech to augment key business priorities and strategies in a time of accelerated tech adoption.


People X Leadership (Seminar Stage)

The People X Leadership stage centers on the human experience in business and leadership; highlighting strategies, insightful, and inspirational stories to encourage you to show up authentically, and inspire the next generation.



Dive into exciting strategic and practical workshops, where you'll go hands-on and deep into both soft and tech topics. Elevate your skills with these interactive sessions crafted by our expert speakers.


View initial speaker lineup


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