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Bridging the Gap from Me to We: The Neuroscience of Trust for High Performing Teams

18 Sep 2024
Premium Ticket Holders Only , Career Development , Non-Technical

Strong teams are built on the foundation of connection, and the essence of effective leadership and company culture lies in fostering these connections. Our enlightening workshop ventures into the heart of what makes teams excel in the most challenging of times. By tapping into the neuroscience of trust and connection, we uncover the core principles that drive high performance. This workshop both highlights the importance of connection in cultivating effective teamwork and provides tech leaders and teams with the insights needed to become architects of trust and collaboration within their organizations.

The Why: In today's fast-paced tech landscape, success hinges on more than just individual skill sets. It's about forging meaningful connections within teams as well as driving excellence, something that women in tech are uniquely positioned to do. Without this, team members don’t trust their coworkers to get the job done or teams can’t communicate effectively, this can lead to a high-stress environment and cause company-wide frustrations. Our workshop delves deep into the neuroscience behind trust and connection, illuminating how they fuel high performance, and also provides simple strategies to take back to your organization. These practical insights are scientifically proven to transform team dynamics and boost productivity. Attendees will leave equipped to foster trust, navigate crucial conversations, and elevate their leadership game. For women in tech seeking to empower teams and drive success, this session is a must.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Foundation of Connection: Discover the pivotal role of connection in team dynamics and how building deep interpersonal links can transform individual contributions into collective triumphs. Learn how emotional intelligence and mutual respect serve as the bedrock for effective team communication and collaboration.
  • Neuroscience Insights for Women in Tech: Unpack the latest findings in neuroscience to understand how the brain's processing of social cues can enhance or hinder team cohesion. Gain practical strategies to apply these insights in your day-to-day work to strengthen team bonds and improve performance.
  • Courageous Conversations as Catalysts for Trust: Master the art of initiating and navigating challenging discussions that are crucial for team growth. Learn how to create a safe space for honest feedback, conflict resolution, and constructive dialogue. Become a champion for a workplace where trust and open communication flourish.

The session is for... women in tech at all levels eager to unlock the secrets to building connected, high-performing teams. Join us to empower yourself and others with the science and strategies needed for an environment where connection and collaboration pave the way for success.

Kim Carpenter, Founder and Professional Certified Coach - People at the Center
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